Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Five best Google tricks to impress your friends

Five best Google tricks to impress your friends

Skewed vision, gravity loss and even playable guitars . . . before you start getting worried about what the heat has done to us, let me explain. We’ve been playing, uh, I mean working, long hours to bring you our top five favourite quirky Google ‘Easter Eggs’ which you can access simply by searching online.

All you need to do is open a Google search window, type in the specific search term from the list below and select ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to reveal the gem inside.

Each keyword offers up a spin on the famous or infamous term – some of which have been self-published by web enthusiasts and others by the search engine giant itself.

Give them a whirl and see what results you get. For the last one we thought we’d let you see it for yourself rather than adding in a screenshot, so whoever’s first to find it, upload and link it to your screen shot in the comment section of this post.

Quick note before you get started: you will need to turn off ‘Predictions’ in your Goggle search settings. To do this select ‘Settings’ in the right-hand corner of your Google search window. Then select ‘Search settings’ and in the window that appears you’ll be able to turn off predictions.

Don’t worry, you can always switch them back on once you’ve finished.

Right, here they are:

1. Play Atari from Google


Atari Breakout on Google

Google keyword: search ‘Atari breakout’ (you can also access it by typing the search term straight into Google images)

What happens: To celebrate the game’s 37-year anniversary, Google has offered up this affectionate tribute that has all the nostalgia you could want from the ‘seventies throwback.

2. The spinning screen


Do a barrel roll

Google keyword: Search ‘Do a barrel roll’ in Google’s main search bar.

What happens: The key term does exactly what it suggests, sending your screen 360° into a barrel roll.

3. The skewed screen


Google Tilt

Google keyword: Search ‘tilt’ in Google’s main search bar.

What happens: Following on in the same vein, this one is likely to be the most used as a practical joke, with pranksters setting up the tilt screen while colleagues and friends leave their screens.

4. Google guitar


Google Guitar

Google keyword: Search ‘Google guitar’

What happens: The Google logo is transformed into an onscreen guitar, complete with pluckable strings and up to 30 seconds of recording time, to strum up those eye-watering classics.

5. Google gravity loss

Google Gravity

Google keyword: Search ‘Google gravity’

What happens: Let us know and add your image to the comments below.