Friday, 7 June 2013

‘Mobile learning is eating the world’

Mobile learning is eating the world

The title, taken from Benedict Evans’ proclaimed research presentation may sound somewhat sensationalist but the figures he cites give it substance.

Whether you’re directly involved in ICT integration within your school, college or district or just an information seeker, Benedict’s findings show the increasing impact mobile devices have had over the past few years and highlight the inevitability of the future of mobile devices, both in consumer markets and in the education sector.

The conclusion drawn from this body of research is not just that mobile learning and mobile browsing is on the rise but that in the coming years mobile devices will infiltrate all aspects of our lives.

Below, I’ve embedded Benedict’s presentation: as you’ll see the study is presented as a short slide show with the stats speaking for themselves.

In the presentation the data show that smartphone and tablet sales are soaring while other hardware such as desktops and laptops are declining. This may not come as a surprise but it offers an interesting insight into the future of consumer and educational technologies.

And as Apple prepares for its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco next week (10−14 June), the announcement of their new Macbook is unlikely to send consumers into a frenzy. But the news of Apple’s ‘iRadio’ − a new internet radio service − might, given that it is ideally suited for smartphone and mobile applications.

Education will be close behind this trend, not just as a result of the reducing cost of EdTech but also as a result of the changing teaching strategies and techniques of deploying mobile device-driven lessons. We’re already seeing signs with some of the fastest growing educational resources being online apps and mobile-friendly web tools.

Doubtful? Take a flick through the slide show below and share your comments with us.


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