Friday, 2 November 2012

Is it any wonder GCSE students have low motivation?

GCSE Students suffer low motivation
Is it any wonder GCSE students have low motivation?

While the argument over GCSEs vs O-Levels rages, the debate seems to have passed by the only ones who will be directly affected by the exams.

GCSEs in the UK are hugely important to a student’s future, having a solid set of A*–C grades can often make the difference in job applications and apprenticeship take-up as well as enrolling on further and higher education courses.

Yet, as the scrutiny over the credibility of GCSEs rolls on, is it any wonder why learners are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the education system?

Students are individuals and, like many adults in the workplace, it is easy to see why they would become disheartened. If your job was dismissed by your seniors as low in importance, soon to be redundant, pointless or goalless, you would find it difficult, too.

Why then do we not focus on learner development for the students sitting exams this year and next? The individuals that are constantly being told the exams they are working towards are too easy – the current generation of 14–16-year-olds that are being told their exam papers have been or could be ‘over-marked’. Don’t get me wrong the education system needs considerable focus but this can’t be at the expense of the current generation of GCSE students. Those who do not care about first teaching in 2015, or concern themselves with the childish antics of political slight.

Their goal is to get the grades they need, to pursue a future that they want. It might not be clear what that involves yet but, regardless, GCSEs are a significant part of their educational and subsequent professional development. So, let’s focus on the young people that are studying right now, who need a minimum of 5 A–Cs, and have a range of external pressures on them that mean they can’t invest as much time and money in their education.

And above all, let’s not forget how we felt when we were sitting GCSE exams – whether they are replaced or re-versioned, students need encouragement and recognition for achieving the best grades they can and that needs to happen now.

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